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Welcome to the Learning SuperSite!

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What is the Learning SuperSite?
The Learning Supersite is a web site where people can share, learn, and prosper in safe and trustworthy learning communities. These learning communities are based on the facilitated informal learning concept, which basically means a group of people, with like interests, getting together informally online to learn about a topic, while being guided by a topic expert.

Who Should Join the Learning Supersite?
There are two types of people that benefit from this site: learners and facilitators. Learners are people that simply want to learn about a topic. Facilitators are topic experts that like helping others learn. Throw in some Web 2.0 technology and you have an exciting new way to teach and learn!

What makes the Learning Supersite Different?
Besides being trustworthy, here are just a few features/benefits of the Learning Supersite.com:

  • For us technology challenged, make learning easier by watching detailed multimedia tutorials
  • Build quality relationships and a collegial learning environment by participating in real-time chats and discussion forums with other members and the site facilitator
  • Enjoy software downloads that make life easier and more fun
  • Stay abreast of industry news, which is updated hourly
  • Share your opinion by participating in member polls
  • Make better buying decisions and recommendations using unbiased reviews on hardware and software
  • Save time by having dozens of instructional technology web links at your fingertips
  • Understand complex terms better with the built-in site glossary
  • Save time by reviewing content categorized by expertise level
  • Share your complex problems and issues directly with an expert topic facilitator
  • Most importantly, the membership communities cannot be visited by non-members, so privacy is assured. Even better, there is NO advertising in any membership community. Therefore, learners can trust that there are no ulterior financial motives.

    Is the Learning Supersite a School?
    No, not at all. Rather than being a formal learning mechanism like a school, this site is a collection of learning communities that are lead by expert facilitators whose goal is to help learners learn, but in a safe and trusting environment. No formal educational credits are awarded.

    Aren't Schools Better?
    Schools provide for formal learning and are different, not necessarily better. One study determined that 80% of all learning is done informally. The Learning SuperSite is a place where people that want to learn informally can connect with other people that want to do the same. Facilitators that are passionate about their topics help guide the learning.

    Are There Any Tests or Grades?
    Because the learning communities are informal, there are no tests or grades.

    What Topics are Covered?
    Click on the Communities link menu in the upper-right of this page or click here. This will provide a list of current and planned communities (topics). Email us if you would like to see an unlisted topic.

    Can I be a Facilitator?
    We are always looking for content experts to facilitate new communities. Facilitators receive a free turn-key community (for example, yoursite.learningsupersite.com) that just needs content and members. If no existing community topic seems to fit, suggest one! :-)

    How do I Join a Community, Facilitate a Community, or Learn More?
    To join a community, click on the Communities link menu in the upper-right of this page or click here.

    To facilitate or learn more, click on the Contact link menu in the upper-right of this page or click here.

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